Foraged Reishi, known as the 'Mushroom of Immortality'

Raw, local honey

Raw, local honey

Wellness Honey

We love local honey, because it's super delicious as a natural sweetener, and it carries benefits of its own that have been valued for millennia. Local, raw honey has been shown to help counteract environmental allergens, promote sleep naturally, act as healing remedy for everything from wounds to coughs, provide a healthy antioxidant source and preserve food without chemicals. 

We also love medicinal mushrooms and the biotherapeutic health benefits they provide - helping to reduce to inflammation & pain, enhance brain function, regulate blood sugar & pressure, fight fatigue, promote digestion & pulmonary health, and even act as an anti-viral (just to name a few). However, medicinal mushrooms are often taken in tincture form, which is not very tasty.

We decided to combine two of our favorite things into something that would complement & compound the beneficial properties into an amazing homeopathic powerhouse. Our proprietary full-extract medicinal mushroom tinctures of Chaga, Reishi, Lion's Mane & Maitake are blended with raw local, seasonal honey in both creamed & regular form. It's delicious in warm tea, on food or alone, and for best results, should be taken daily.

Check out our offerings in our Mercantile, at Let It Grow Produce, Sunnyside Mercantile, Colony Urban Farm store, Wine Merchants bistro, Sir Winston Wine Loft and the Asheville Bee Charmer. We also join Cobblestone Farmer's Market, Winston Junction Farmer’s Market and Davidson Farmer’s Market each & Saturday. We look forward to seeing you! 

Note: While studies of medicinal mushrooms are more than promising across the world and in the US, the FDA has not evaluated these statements and are not intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease. We always recommend that you evaluate use with your health care professional to ensure best results. 

Like a good read? Check out some of the ongoing research into medicinal mushrooms. If you'd like to explore further, we recommend the National Institute of Health National Library of Medicine as a great starting point.

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