The bee's knees

Our happy, healthy bees maintaining their hive & having a snack

Our happy, healthy bees maintaining their hive & having a snack

honey obsession

If you've ever met a small-scale bee keeper, you may realize that they really, really. really love their bees. We are no exception.

Bees keep you centered. They remind you of how things should work when we all work together. They work ridiculously hard to pollinate our farm to make sure we have food to eat, and they make such delicious goodness for us to enjoy in the process. What's not to love & appreciate?! Bees are in a massive population decline due to a myriad of environmental factors, which leaves our entire food system in peril. We are doing our part to boost populations in a natural, healthy way to secure both their, and our, future.

Our honey changes with the seasons as our bees forage from different types of plants depending on what's blooming at a certain time. Those changes impact the honey's color & flavor, and enable many varieties and flavors to sample. Unfortunately, much of the honey available at large retailers is imported & blended with random honey types, artificial sweeteners & chemicals mixed in as fillers. When you buy local and raw honey, you are getting the true taste of what your region has to offer, plus all the health benefits to boot.

The majority of our bees live at Flynt Farm, but we do keep hives at The Wilson Place as well so both farms can enjoy the impact bees provide. We sell our honey & honey products in the Mercantile, to local brewers & chefs, and also at select local retail partners.

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