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Mushrooms are understated, but extremely powerful - and we think that's pretty cool. They provide a great source of healthy protein when eaten, and natural medicine (known as biotherapeutic) when properly prepared. Unlike other cultures, the US tends to overlook the value of mushrooms, with most people only being familiar with a few types found at the grocery. We are part of the movement to change that.

Medicinal mushrooms blends are packed with antioxidants and have been used as healing tools for thousands of years. We grow varieties with origins from Asia to Appalachia, which have been shown to help reduce inflammation & pain, enhance brain function, regulate blood sugar & pressure, fight fatigue, promote digestion and restore overall health - to name just a few. 

Culinary mushrooms are an eco-friendly and very cost-effective source of vegan protein, but are under-utilized in most US cooking routines. 

We want to increase exposure to varietals and knowledge of how to grow & cook with mushrooms, and to unlock their powerful health benefits through products that people will actually use through access & education..

Our mushrooms & mushroom products are available in our Mercantile, local specialty retailers, Chef partnerships at local restaurants throughout the Triad, and at Cobblestone Farmer's Market every Wednesday & Saturday.





Dried Reishi Mushrooms (Medicinal), ready to be ground into powder form

Dried Reishi Mushrooms (Medicinal), ready to be ground into powder form

Cold Blue Oyster Mushrooms (Culinary)

Cold Blue Oyster Mushrooms (Culinary)

Note: While studies of medicinal mushrooms are more than promising across the world and in the US, the FDA has not evaluated these statements and are not intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease. We always recommend that you evaluate use with your health care professional to ensure best results. 

Like a good read? Check out some of the ongoing research into medicinal & culinary mushrooms. If you'd like to explore further, we recommend the National Institute of Health National Library of Medicine as a great starting point.

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