In one word: Stewardship.

Why did we want to restore our family farmland?   

LAND & FOOD: We wanted to bring positive change to both the land & its surrounding communities through sustainable restoration of our family century farms that had been the lifeblood for all they touched for generations. We experienced a broken food system, and had a passion to become a meaningful part of its change.

COMMUNITY & EDUCATION: We needed both quality & quantity of time together in places that would enable us to be present & mindful, and to provide that opportunity to others. We believe in the ability for a farm to be a connected center for learning, wellness & celebration, and in creating spaces for those experiences. 

WHAT WE DO: All things on our farms are interconnected through natural cycles. Salvaged & end-of-life wood fuel mushroom growth & wood craft. Bees make honey from our flowers, heirloom crops & hardwood trees. Bees pollinate their food sources to enable healthy, regenerative cycles to begin again. We then turn the harvest into artisinal goods, and invite others to experience that process.             

We invite you join us as we continue to learn and grow. We are honored and humbled to have the opportunity to restore these farms, using their rich history as foundations for the future for all to enjoy.

North Carolina Century Farms

The Wilson Place & Flynt Farm have been in our family for over 150 years. Generation after generation worked & loved the land, and in turn, the land provided livelihoods for our family & surrounding communities. Spanning everything from dairy to lumber to tobacco (and lots of things in-between), the farms offered food, goods, meaningful work and a gathering place for all. In the 1980's, both farms fell fallow after Claire's grandfather passed and his children had moved off the farm.

It's now time to reset and restart.

The gardens at wilson place

The Wilson Place farm in Pfafftown, NC has been in Claire’s family since the 1800’s, and is a North Carolina Century Farm.

Claire’s mother. grandmother, great-grandmother & great-great-grandfather were all raised there. The farm has been a dairy (cows & goats), and home to chickens, pigs, beef cows and horses. Crops were cut flowers, barley, oats, apples, pears, seasonal vegetables, hay, scuppernog grapes wheat & corn.

The farm is now where HHF produces our mushrooms, honey, flowers, heirloom produce and where we hold special events. Several of the farm's pastures also house a horse rescue, providing them a safe & happy forever home.

the reserve at Flynt Farm

Also a family North Carolina Century Farm, this farm in the Germanton, NC area houses HHF’s apiary, wood work, field crops & wellness activities.

Claire’s mother and family moved here in the 1950's to expand farming operations from The Wilson Place, and worked the land until they passed away.

The farm originally grew tobacco as it's main crop, and also produced beef cows, pigs, vegetables (with a focus on sweet potatoes & tomatoes), concord grapes, hay and apples.


about us

We are Drew & Claire Parrish - parents of two small children and legitimate farm nerds. We met at Appalachian State University, and have never looked back. We both began careers off the farm, and felt drawn back here to make a difference in our community through agriculture.