FARM Supper club

Fine dining on the farm

Fine dining on the farm

Meet the farmers, the chef & your neighbors

The desire to enable greater access to clean, local food was a key reason we came back to the farm. Our purpose for the Farm Supper Club is to create a connection point for the community to sample all that locally sourced food has to offer, and to meet producers in the movement for direct, long-term relationships between farmer and consumer.

Each supper will feature a local Chef and local, seasonal ingredients both from our farms & neighboring farmers. You'll have the opportunity to enjoy amazing food on the farm, and meet those whom make your food possible. Our hope is that by breaking bread together,  new partnerships will be created that will enhance your experience of food, and your farmer's ability to produce on a sustainable, living wage.

We'll post the Supper Club's schedule on this site, through our mailing list, and on our social media.